Areas of Practice

Marra, Evenson & Levine, P.C.'s practice is varied. It includes a general civil practice, trials, estate planning, probate, business, corporate, commercial, negligence, insurance, adoption, employment, human resources, criminal law, environmental law, and family law.

In today's business environment, litigation has become an increasingly common aspect of operations. Given this reality, it is crucial to select a law firm that will effectively become part of your team, developing an in-depth knowledge about the unique characteristics of you and your business. While we can perform any number of services for you, more detail about certain areas may be helpful to understand our areas of practice:

Corporate and General Business

Marra, Evenson & Levine, P.C. has a broad-based corporate and general business practice representing closely held and non-profit companies. We represent and counsel our clients in the planning and formation of their business entities, financing and acquisitions, as well as matters that arise in day-to-day operations. Whether building or acquiring facilities or equipment or contracting for the purchase or sale of goods and services, we work with our clients to plan and structure transactions and negotiate and prepare the documents that effectuate their goals. We have extensive experience in drafting complex business contracts, leases, and operational business agreements.

We also represent and assist clients in their choice of business structures, partnerships, shareholders, member disputes, and liability matters.

Environmental Compliance and Litigation

The attorneys at Marra, Evenson & Levine, P.C. are well suited to provide the level of counseling needed to assist clients in dealing with ever changing environmental compliance and litigation needs. We consult and work with engineers and regulators in advising our clients regarding protective measures, remediation, and clean-up of sites and facilities.

Our approach emphasizes counseling on compliance with environmental laws as well as protective measures to minimize and avoid liability. When required, we vigorously represent our clients in administrative, state, and federal court litigation. For example, we have an excellent working knowledge of the Underground Storage Tank Programs, both State and Federal, and have worked with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, the Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board, and the Federal LUST/TRUST program.

Family Law

Our attorneys provide a full range of services in family law. This includes adoption, premarital agreements, divorce, custody, paternity and parenting plans. We have experience in dealing with issues unique to military families and farms and ranches in the family law arena. We also handle the division of marital pensions as part of divorce actions. We have successfully prosecuted interstate custody jurisdiction actions.

Our attorneys have served as mediators in all types of family law cases, both in District Court and in Montana Supreme Court mediations. We have tried cases throughout Montana and have done numerous appeals in family law at the Montana Supreme Court.


Our personal injury, products liability, and tribal court litigation practice involves all aspects of commercial and business litigation in Montana. We are actively involved in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation, when those procedures offer advantages over litigation. Our lawyers have handled the entire gamut of disputes in which corporations, partnerships, individuals, limited liability companies, trusts, and estates may become involved, including breach of contract suits, construction disputes, unfair trade practices, administrative proceedings, partnership and shareholder disputes and dissolutions, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy, employment law cases, discrimination cases, and general civil litigation. Our expertise extends to state, federal and tribal appellate practice as well as to bench and jury trials.

Appellate Services

Marra, Evenson & Levine, P.C. prides itself on producing a quality appellate product at a reasonable cost. We are sensitive to the increasing concerns of our clients to monitor closely the rising costs of litigation and are able to produce an appellate work product at a highly competitive cost.

It is our belief that one of the most important functions of our appellate practice is to counsel our clients initially on whether an appeal should be prosecuted at all, and whether a case should be settled after trial rather than on appeal. Our familiarity with the appellate courts and the justices who sit on those courts allows us to counsel clients regarding their chances on appeal and the risks of making bad law decisions which would have an adverse effect upon you and/or your business. This service should be considered immediately after the trial or administrative hearing of the underlying case. This type of early analysis can assist in bringing cases that should be settled to a speedy conclusion.

If you and/or your entity are seeking appellate assistance, Marra, Evenson & Levine, P.C. has the talent, experience, and versatility to provide that assistance either in the form of counseling after trial and before appeal, or in the event an appeal is taken, through vigorous advocacy before any appellate court.